2018 MMMM Starts Tuesday, January 16

9 Jan

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The 2017 Mega Meta is now closed and the results are in. A total of 164 people solved the meta, 68 before this puzzle came out. Out of those, 114 found the bonus words. You can see the full write-up and solution here.

A big shout-out to the five players who had perfect records last year and were in the first cohort to get the mega-meta correct: Al Sisti, Eric Prestemon, Ethan Budin, Louis Lana, and Nathaniel Lee.

I’m pleased to announce the Grand Prize winner of the 2017 MMMM. Brian Kulman of Los Gatos, CA was the randomly selected winner out of the 127 subscribers that qualified this year (by getting at least 9 out of 13 of the metas).  Brian wins his choice of a free entry to the 2018 ACPT or $100.

A big THANK YOU to all of you who contributed to our Tip Jar this year. We raised a total of $3320 from 120people, all donated to Math for America.


Do you have a friend who you think would enjoy solving musical metas?   January is a great time to turn them on to the MMMM since the first few puzzles are pretty easy.  Thanks for spreading the word!

The 2018 MMMM will begin next week, Tuesday, January 16. The first few puzzles will be on the easier side. If you sign up in the box to the right, you’ll get an email when it’s ready.