MMMM Overview


The MMMM is a free award-winning monthly crossword, published at noon on the first Tuesday of each month. Its difficulty level is similar to a NY Times Wednesday or Thursday puzzle. To finish the puzzle, solvers need to figure out the meta, which is usually a song or band. Solvers have until Sunday at 11pm to submit their answer to the meta. 

In addition to these metas, the 12 monthly puzzles include a mega-meta. The 13th and final puzzle of the year is published on the last Tuesday of December, and gives hints for the mega-meta. Solvers can guess the mega-meta early and earn bonus points as explained in the contest rules. This year’s mega-meta is an old pop standard.

Red Herring

This year’s contest also features a red herring – something hidden in the puzzles just like a mega-meta, but leading to a dead end. Solvers get one try at figuring out the red herring, and they can submit their answer anytime during the year. Successful answers earn 5 points. This year’s red herring is a song by Alessia Cara.

Each month, a randomly chosen solver gets a free MMMM coffee mug. At the end of the year, a Grand Prize winner is chosen using a random drawing. All solvers who have correctly guessed the mega-meta before the final puzzle of the year and have solved at least 8 of the 12 regular-season metas correctly are eligible to win the Grand Prize.

User Feedback

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Initially, I was not sure about joining because while I have a musical background also, I was musician of the year in high school, All State, All County etc., I haven’t kept up with “music” in the past thirty years so I thought I wouldn’t enjoy your music meta. But, I love it. The answers to the metas are very fair, you have a good mixture of newer and older music. I love listening to your music at the end of the month. And the mega-meta idea is wonderful. I’m proud to say I figured out the mega meta and red herring early, but more to the point I loved figuring it out. So if someone is unsure about joining, use this letter if you want. Happy new year and keep up the great metas.

Dean Silverberg
Sarasota, FL

The Muller Monthly Music Meta combines two of my great loves: music and crosswords. I look forward to the first Tuesday of each month for the challenge, surprise, and fun provided by Pete’s puzzles.

Chris Popp

Great aha moments along with top-notch clues and themes keep me coming back month after month!

Ben Jones
Stamford, CT

My husband has known me for so long, he’s too used to my endless spewing of useless knowledge and occasional flashes of brilliance to even blink at them anymore. I love the MMMM because not only does it make me feel smart to figure out a meta, my husband is actually impressed when I explain my ah-ha moments to him. Thanks, MMMM!

Greensboro, NC

As a huge music fan, I can’t say enough about Pete’s amazing construction. The ‘aha!’ moment every month (or at least the months I solve the meta) is truly breathtaking. Call the Police!

Boston, MA

I’m a big fan of the Muller Monthly Music Meta. I look forward to the challenge each month. Every puzzle is a trip down memory lane – thinking of songs from all the different times in my life. So many musical clues and answers! The meta each month is something new and clever to make you think in different ways. The mega meta, which ties all the monthly metas together, adds another layer of fun to the whole experience. If I’m ever lucky enough to win the MMMM mug, that would be the cherry on top!

Jeff Gellner
Westerville, OH