2017 MMMM Starts Jan 24!

10 Jan

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The 2016 Mega-Meta is now closed and the results are in. A total of 90 people solved the mega-meta, seven before the final puzzle came out. You can see the full write-up and solution here. I’ve also posted the 2016 Leaderboard. Congratulations to the 93 solvers who qualified for the grand prize drawing by correctly solving 9 out of 13 puzzles.

A big congratulations to the thirteen solvers who went 13 for 13 in 2016: JanglerNPLVeepBrent HolmaneowynfateJastersBob J,GolemjpatangaRPardoethanman2AK, and jeremiahsjohnson.

The 2016 Grand Prize Winner (by a point-total-weighted random drawing among the 93 people mentioned above) is Chris Popp of Maplewood, NJ. Chris gets a free entry to the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in Stamford, CT.

I’m pleased to announce that so far 108 people have donated $2,235.15, all going to Math For America. Since both of these are above the targets I set, I’m pleased to announce there will be a 2017 MMMM!  If you’re one of the people that contributed, THANK YOU! As a token of my appreciation, I’ve sent you a bonus meta crossword by emailPlease don’t feel obligated, but if you would still like to contribute, you can click the Tip Jar (if you do so, you will also receive the bonus puzzle).

The first 2017 MMMM puzzle will come your way January 24, and there once again will be a mega-meta. Subsequent puzzles will arrive on the first Tuesday of each month, and the mega-meta will come out December 26, the last Tuesday of 2017.