2013 Construction Contest Results

Congratulations to Jeremy Horwitz, winner of the 2013 MMMM Crossword Construction Contest (click the link to see the full contest rules).

Second prize (and it was close) goes to Finn Vigeland, and third to last year’s winner, Todd Gross.

Honorable mentions go to Jeffrey Harris and new constructor Elisha Wiesel, both of whom turned in super-creative entries. Either might have taken the top spot if it were not for too many compromises in the fill.

Thanks to all those who participated!

Jeffrey’s entry features Prince’s “Sign o’ the Times,” using only the letters SIGN O THE TIMES and with a stylized peace symbol replacing the “O.” I’ve left the other four as an exercise for the reader. First, solve Jeremy’s puzzle and figure out the band hidden inside. Then do the same for Finn’s (band), Elisha’s (band), and Todd’s (logo). Click on the link below each person to see the band / logo in their entry.

First Place: Jeremy Horwitz

Click below for Across Lite or PDF:

Across-Lite  pdf

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Jeremy’s winning entry featured the iconic ACDC logo, including the lightning bolt in the middle.


Second Place: Finn Vigeland

Finn Vigeland  (band)
Finn Vigeland (band)

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Finn’s entry came a close second, doing something similar to Jeremy’s, except with KISS.

Third Place: Todd Gross

Todd Gross (logo)
Todd Gross (logo)

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Todd chose the YouTube PLAY button – very creative!

Honorable Mention: Elisha Wiesel

Elisha Wiesel (band/)
Elisha Wiesel (band)

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Blue Oyster Cult
Blue Oyster Cult

Elisha used the logo for Blue Oyster Cult made out of the letters B, O, and C. Super creative!

Honorable Mention: Jeffrey Harris

Jeffrey Harris (Sign o' the Times)
Jeffrey Harris (Sign o’ the Times)